1. Internals of Spark Parser

    Lets understand how Spark parser works internally

  2. Verifying links with Github actions & Awesome Bot

    Configure awesome bot to verify links automagically with github actions

  3. Versatile RStudio development environment on Kubernetes

    Deploy RStudio on Kubernetes with blobfuse

  4. MXNet tools in docker

    Use MXNet tools without any installation

  5. Automate SQL server data pipelines with Kubernetes

    Use K8s jobs & cronjobs to run data pipelines

  6. Write a Presto query logging plugin

    Extend presto via event listeners to log all the queries executed on cluster

  7. Analyzing Azure Storage Performance

    Learn how to collect, query, export and analyse performance of Azure Storage with analytical queries

  8. OpenFaaS on Minikube

    End to end example for deploying serverless functions with code

  9. Multi stage docker build for go

    Reduce image size for go codebase using multistage docker builds

  10. Go Dep Example

    End to end example of go dependency management using dep

  11. Presto on HDInsight

    Deep dive of running Presto on Azure HDInsight

  12. How to write a Hive Hook

    End to end example of building a hive hook