Go Dep Example

I wanted to give Go’s new dependency management system — dep - a try. I searched for a minimal example and did not find one. So here it is. The code/instructions are also located at go-dep-example

  1. Lets install dep. On mac, you can do the following:

    brew install dep
  2. dep init This will generate following tree

        ├── Gopkg.lock
        ├── Gopkg.toml
        ├── README.md
        └── vendor
  3. Now import the new package in the code. We will import github.com/franela/goreq. You will see your IDE complaining about not being able to find the package, since its not yet installed. We will do that next. You can confirm this by running dep status

  4. Run dep ensure If you run dep status now it will confirm the package is installed. Also, the vendor directory now will have the following files from the package:

        └── github.com
            └── franela
                └── goreq
                    ├── LICENSE
                    ├── Makefile
                    ├── README.md
                    ├── goreq.go
                    ├── goreq_test.go
                    └── tags.govendor

You are ready, go change the world !

P.S. This post is also published on medium.