1. Freedom is inverse of attention

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  2. If you don’t give money its purpose, it will end up defining yours.

    from https://moretothat.com/money/

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  3. There is a story in your heart,
    You have you play your part.
    There is a future to the start,
    But throw atleast some darts.

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  4. Reality: X and Y exists. Y seem better than X.

    Capitalists: What if you can get from X to Y?
    Academic: What if going from X to Y is impossible?
    Influencer: Here are the 10 lessons on going X to Y.
    Politician: How can I put a toll on X to Y path?
    Philosopher: Why do we want to go to Y?
    Media: How can you trust going to Y?

    Builder: How can I get from X to Y?

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  5. Passion is going after dreams without thinking of odds.
    Courage is going after dreams even after knowing the low odds.

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    • I am smart enough to understand I am not wise.

    • Smart enough to understand the difference between smart and wise. Not wise enough to explain it.

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  6. Planning is astrology for organisations.

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  7. How to learn anything:

    1. Find/Build an environment where you can play the whole game.
    2. Find something you like in the game and where you suck.
    3. Work hard on where you suck. Use the fun part to build something useful as you go.

    Rinse & Repeat.

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  8. हक़ जताने का हक़ है तुम्हें, बात इजाज़त की ना करो
    मनमानिया है ये इश्क़ की, समझने की कोशिश ना करो

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  9. किताबों की दुकान में, एक ख़त पुराना बिक गया
    यादें कुछ पुरानी, कुछ सामान मौत का बिक गया

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